Pro Kabaddi 2016, Patna Pirates vs U Mumba: As it happened

Pro Kabaddi 2016, Patna Pirates vs U Mumba: As it happened

Patna Pirates came from behind to beat U Mumba 36-34 in Jaipur. Pardeep Narwal scored 18 points for Pirates to lead his team to win

As it happened

Patna Pirates win 36-34 after superb performance by Pardeep Narwal scoring 18 points

# U Mumba with a final raid but Patna Pirates have managed to tackle him. Point to Patna and win for them

# U Mumba take the lead! But Pardeep with a raid and gets a point for Patna. What a player. Actually he gets 2 points

# U Mumba have tackled Patna raider and Pirates are all out. Three points to U Mumba and believe it or not, it’s 33-33

# Anup with a point for U Mumba. They have called for a time-out. Patna Pirates with a all out raid. Can they survive it?

# Rishank tackles Kuldeep but fails. Patna survive all out. Take bonus as well

# Rishank with another point and the lead is down to 4 points. Pardeep with a do-or-die raid for Patna. Fails

# U Mumba has challenged and demanding 4 points. But review is unsuccessful. Only 3 points

# This is a super raid from Rishank! He has got three Patna players. Three points to him. Lead is down to 6 points

# Patna Pirates have once again done it. U Mumba are all out and that means the lead difference now is 10 points

# Pardeep Narwal is unstoppable today! He scores another point on Jeeva. Then Patna tackle the Mumba raider. 7 points the difference now

# Pardeep Narwal with a super 10. He takes two points for Patna and U Mumba are in trouble now!

# Anup is tackled and brought down to the ground. U Mumba players are worried now. Points not coming in raids

# We are back! Pardeep Narwal on the raid and gets one more point for Patna. Sunil is out for U Mumba

# Half time! Patna lead Mumba 16-14. Pardeep Narwal scoring the most points for them and Bajirao with some brilliant tackles

# Patna Pirates with a good play and U Mumba are all out. Four points to Pirates

# Super tackle from U Mumba. Third from them. Pardeep is brought down and Mumba extend their lead

# Gurvinder fails in the do-or-die raid for U Mumba. Ankle tackle from Patna. They are narrowing the gap

# Super tackle from U Mumba and they lead. Patna waste their review

# Pardeep Narwal with a do-or-die raid. But a super tackle! Mumba lead 8-6 now

# Kuldeep Singh with an empty raid for Patna. Vikas Kumar for Mumba now. It is a do-or-die for him. Vikas is blocked and point to Patna

# Rakesh Kumar with a raid for Mumba. It is an empty raid. No points

# Bajirao with a bonus point Patna. Excellent defence to perform the dash at the end moment on the raider

# U Mumba with couple of early attacking raids and the early lead for them over Patna Pirates

# Here we go! U Mumba the former champions vs Patna Pirates the defending champions


Patna Pirates begin title defence emphatically


Defending champions Patna Pirates produced a clinical performance to beat Puneri Paltan and launch their campaign in style at the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League in Mumbai.